The Stockist is a clothing and lifestyle shop based out of Salt Lake City, established in 2009 by siblings Helen & Ian Wade. The Stockist (originally under the name Fresh) opened the doors in the 9th & 9th shopping district of Salt Lake City.  We started off very young, and have grown and established the shop as a staple in SLC.  In 2014 we saw major changes, Ian moved to NYC, we introduced a new member to the team and Helen moved the shop across the street tripling the floor space.
The Stockist is always growing and striving to bring the best offerings to our clients.  Through the growth we have kept our heads on straight and always remember we couldn't do this with out all the support.  You can always find Helen at the shop working hard, open to chat or help style you for your next adventure in life.
The Stockist is a specialty shop, locally owned and operated and always striving to stock quality goods and lifestyle essentials for an everyday purpose.